Artwork Title: Me, Myself and I

Design Statement

Through exploration of the ‘need of belonging’. I discover the conflict of self-discovery and loss of innocence and childhood. The realisation of needing to belong and that your subconscious is always there. The eternal voice that guides you. 

My piece began with looking at childhood photographs. My Sculpture idea arose from a photo of myself (age 10) and my umbrella friend I had made when I lived in Fiji. Due to cultural differences, my friends at school were not allowed by their parents to come over and play at my house. So creatively and as a joke, I made a friend out of an umbrella. I decided to recreate this process of psychological transference and put it into my context today. The process is similar to the scenario in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley where Victor Frankenstein makes a female friend for ‘The Creature’, so it fulfils its need of belonging. The Artist Mary Reid Kelley influenced my design, as I use the similar stylistic black and white features. 

Using self-timing photography, I formalised scenarios for my sepia tint oil painting. Resulting in photos of my friend and I in front of a mirror putting on makeup. Representing my adolescent period as a teenage girl. The browns symbolically represent a separation from the innocent background of my own childhood artwork as wallpaper, to a new older girl/image in the foreground. 

The two paintings are then attached to a mirror to create a vanity effect. Representing the different reflections on my past, faded memories as well as the process. The sculpture is there in real time and etched into the mirror is a symbol of growth and evolution. A light is within her which shows her presence and life, although she herself is faded. She is my subconscious, my essence. 

Work In Progress