Artwork Title: Contrasting Colour

Design Statement

I am particularly interested in conflicts between human and the nature environment. Human technology has greatly impacted our nature environment, for example the air conditioner we use to improve interior spaces on cold or hot days. Rather than thinking about the cost to the environment, people usually just enjoy the pleasure of living in comfort. However, the old fashion air conditioner release hot air into the outdoor environment which cause air pollution and makes the global temperatures higher. I am living in Shanghai now due to COVID-19, and I took a photo outside a noodle shop with vivid red neon light which is the basis of my painting. The door of the shop was kept opened and the air-con was on as well. Many shops Shanghai in summer open their doors and keep the air-conditioners on to attract customers. I chose air conditioner as a metaphor for the effect of human activity. Using Photoshop, I added some semi-tranparent birds into the photo. Those birds are endangered and Shanghai is their natural environment, but due to the urbanisation in the past few years, they now only appears in the countryside. Those birds symbolise what is lost. The overall red colour of the neon light to the leaves is a caution to remind us what we have done to our environment and neighbourhoods. From that, I would like the audience to think about what they can do with technologies to benefit natures diversity.

Work In Progress