Artwork Title: Dreaming

Design Statement

I started off this artwork with the intention of showing the effect of children not being heard in the household and how the wide range of emotions felt can shape who you become, this work also evolved to also show a loss of innocence as children approach adulthood. A door acts as a witness to all that goes on; they’re slammed, locked and thrown open during both serious and trivial arguments. I partially sanded down the door and then began to lay down a series of old photographs printed on tissue paper, this slight transparency allowed for the marking on the door to be seen. I also experimented with using a more graphic technique for some aspects of this work, I began with the lower section of the door, as I progressed I decided to leave some areas empty as I felt the faces and emotions beneath needed to be seen through the distinct patterns. I was largely influenced by Rene Magritte and his 1927 Young girl eating a bird, and appropriated this work onto the upper section of the door to show the dark and grim emotions hidden in ones subconscious. This surrealist work alludes to the subconscious mind and the chaos it beholds, the layering of semi-transparent photographs adds to this as it can be seen as memories. The gruesomeness of Young girl eating a bird contrasts the serene and dreamlike oil painting below representing both a loss of innocence and naivety as birds fly to freedom only to be eaten alive. As I progressed in painting this work I began experimenting with negative space and transparency, letting the photographs connect and speak through the objects I painted.

Work In Progress