Project Title: Juhua

Design Statement

Drawing inspiration from traditional Chinese clothing, ‘Juhua’ celebrates Chinese culture and history through the historical cheongsam silhouette and ornamental embellishments. The garment was created to be worn at a semi-formal fashion expo in Chengdu where my client, an advocate for carrying on Chinese traditions through generations, will give a speech on the importance of maintaining culture and the ways in which the traditional textiles market can be sustained.

The garment works in parallel with my client’s speech, featuring Chinese brocade as the primary fabric used with noticeably traditional prints to add emphasis to the points that will be made in her speech.

To further promote the inclusion of traditional Chinese garments in everday life, the top and bottom of the garment can be worn together or separately and styled in multiple different ways with my client’s pre-existing wardrobe items.

‘Juhua’ illustrates the beauty of ancient culture, exposing the audience to the elegance and timeless nature of a long established way of life through the overall aesthetics and intricate embellishments featured on the garment.

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Work In Progress