Project Title: Jackie

Design Statement

Film director, Ben Caron, approached me to design and make a garment for his latest movie ‘Life before the Kennedys’. The specification required a 1960s dress and Jacket inspired by the style of the late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

This versatile garment will appear in a number of different scenes in the film ‘Life before the Kennedys’; it will also be worn by the actress, Jodi Balfour, on the red carpet to premier the movie. The long – term home of this garment will be in the permanent exhibition of the John F. Kennedy presidential library and museum in Boston, Massachusetts.

‘Jackie’ accurately portrays the historical period while also incorporating some contemporary and versatile elements to symbolically interpret the strong personality and character of Jackie Kennedy. Through this final design, I wanted to reflect the beautiful fashion silhouettes of the 60s and the style of Jackie Kennedy, the ‘first lady ‘and what she symbolised to the people of the USA.

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Work In Progress