The Final Product

Project Outline

The purpose of this plant-based protein snack product is to provide an alternative healthy and delicious sweet snack food. Product purpose is something all consumers look at when purchasing a food product. This snack includes “popped choc quinoa”; there are not many popped quinoa snacks on the market currently and it is not advertised by large food brands and manufacturers. My product contains well balanced, healthy and protein-fueled ingredients, which help to provide extra nutrients to consumers.

A five-word statement that would be appealing could be something such as “Combining healthy, crunchy and sweet”. This would attract consumers as it is giving a brief overview of what they can expect from the product. Many people love crunchy textured products and would appreciate the fact that it is healthy as well. Sweet snacks are always better when the consumer knows they not 100 per cent bad for you or unhealthy.  

My snack product is a dark chocolate Kuinoa Kluster which contains nuts, berries, quinoa and dark chocolate. This snack has multiple textures which help to create the flavour inside the snack; the crunchiness from the nuts, quinoa and dark chocolate all complement and tie in nicely with the softer textures of the goji berries and cranberries. The Kuinoa Kluster has a well-balanced sweet flavour, which contrasts with the slight saltiness of the nuts and the savoury tang of the quinoa. A strong aroma is not present, although the bitterness of the dark chocolate comes out slightly and gives consumers a nice sensory surprise. Since the snack is single serving, the sizing of the cluster is similar in size and shape to a muesli bar, being long, somewhat thin in volume and weighs around 15 grams. There is no viscosity or elasticity as the product has a hard exterior and texture and does not contain gelatine or yeast which add both elasticity and viscosity to food products.

My plant-based protein is quinoa which is an excellent way to get protein into your diet. Quinoa is a very versatile ingredient and does not need to be savoury. For those who prefer sweet foods, all the valuable nutrients which quinoa contains are provided in a sweet snack product. Quinoa is one of the most protein-rich foods and also contains twice as much fibre as any other grain. Quinoa is classed as a super food as it contains not only protein but many other nutrients including riboflavin (vitamin B2).   

Work In Progress