The Final Product

Project Outline

My product proposal is a fava and edamame bean chip. They are bean chips which are high in protein and in flavour. They are also value-added, fortified and modified. They are value-added by increasing their shelf life and fortified by having calcium added by the edamame, which currently available chips do not have. They are also modified, through a reduction in the amount of fat they contain. 

My bean chips have the following sensory properties. They resemble large, yellow beans that have golden edges, and when bitten into, they provide a light and crunchy sensation. They also smell like beans while slightly salty taste and create a crunchy sound. The physical property my protein snack is that it is quite a dense chip, allowing for the nice crunchy sound while not being rock hard. It has a volume change where it shrinks the bean by about 10 per cent. 

The plant-based protein that will be used for the snack product is fava and edamame beans. Both beans are extremely high in protean with eight grams and 11 grams, respectively. For a functional food addition, I am using edamame for the high calcium content within the bean. Fava beans are also high in manganese and copper, which aid with reducing calcium excision from the bones and so helping to prevent osteoporosis. 

There is a high starch content in fava beans (62 per cent in the beans), and by adding a dry heat, dextrinization occurs to brown the starches. This is when starches are broken down into sugar molecules called dextrin (which are shorter glucose chains than starches). This breaking down of the starches changes the colour to a browner colour of the food and makes the food sweeter in taste. Dextrinization is often done by using dry heat as such as baking. Dextrin is also easier to digest than starches, due to the enzymes called salivary amylase.

Work In Progress