The Final Product

Project Outline

The purpose of this plant-based protein snack product is to “Re-fuel and replenish, and deliver a scrumptious taste!” This slogan helps consumers learn that they can have a healthy treat that benefits them, and which can also be tasty and delicious. Through this product statement consumer will be intrigued to see what the ingredients are that make the product so ‘scrumptious’ and healthy. The snack product is value added and fortified as the bar is covered in acai powder which adds extra antioxidants. 

My blueberry and macadamia bar product has a sweet, nutty and fruity taste, with a chewy and crumbly texture. The bar smells nutty and fruity and is full of nutrients. The plant-based protein is the macadamia nut and the functional food ingredient is dextrinised oats. The nutritional benefits of this product include fibre from the flaxseeds which help bowel function, and omega 3 from chia seeds which can assist with brain health. The protein from the nuts contributes to repairing and building tissues, while carbohydrate from the oats and quinoa provides energy. The blueberries and acai powder are full of antioxidants, which lower your risk of disease, specifically heart disease and some cancers.

The functional property demonstrated in this bar is dextrinization. This occurs when the white, raw oats are placed at 180 degrees Celsius and then are browned and cooked. The browning occurs as the starches within the oats are broken down through a chemical reaction and made into a sugar called dextrin. Dextrin produces the brown colour change in the oats.

Work In Progress