The Final Product

Project Outline

The purpose of this plant-based protein snack is to provide a healthy and convenient snack for the young target audience. 

For this innovative snack task, I have chosen to make a vegan cashew cheese with an assortment of sweet potato, parsnip and beetroot chips. This single portion snack is high in antioxidants, protein, vitamins and minerals providing many health benefits to the consumer.

The cashew cheese and vegetable chips are a modification of the ‘classic’ cheese and crackers and is targeted at the consumer with lactose allergies and intolerances, vegans, and those wanting to reduce their carbon footprint or simply have a healthy snack. It is lower in saturated fat, higher in protein and has a lower glycaemic index than the traditional cheese and crackers and has been modified to have no artificial preservatives. 

The sensory aim of this dish is for the cashew cheese to have a soft and fluffy texture through the blending of components, and the vegetable chips to be very crispy in texture. The different textures complement each other’s flavourings and create a balanced dish, highlighting the savoury flavours.

The snack is packaged in a two-compartment container with easy-to-open directions. This provides a dry section for the vegetable chips, keeping them crisp, while leaving the cashew cheese free from contamination. The packaging provides an easy-to-open snack for consumers.

Work In Progress